Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 2003 Photo Album

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Ollie Wilson and his Tyro

Ollie Wilson with his excellent flying Tyro designs. Ollie and his flying buddy Jim Scollin came up from Florida. Ollie belonged to the SOAR club during the early days and Jim flew with the original Micigan group. Photo by Gordon Pearson.

Bob Hicks FK-3

Bob Hicks, one of Michigan's finest gentlemen, competed in the WC Scale contest with his Fokker FK-3.

Wood Crafters group photo

Well, after two years, I still can't be a part of the group photo. In fact, this is half of the group. Next year, the group photo will happen first thing in the morning.

Corven's Todi

Dave Corven's Todi didn't fly in this years WC. I just couldn't pass up including my photo of Dave's plane built by Dale Martell.

Ready for the Man on Man small span

Norm Roessing getting ready for the Man on Man group Hi Start launching for 60" span or less.

Dick and Matt

Dick Nodolny and his Grandson Matt came from Mass. Dick and I go back to the days of Harris Hill where we met and competed for several years. Thinking of those days bring back wonderful memories of flying with guys that are now gone or no longer activitve in the hobby. I feel fortunate to have been there when it all started and I bet Dick feels the same way.

There are many ways to approach the hobby of flying rc sailplanes, you can get very scientific, spend a lot of money on molded planes almost ready to fly, build your own from balsawood or composits, fly by yourself in seclusion or attend contests, but the number one pleasure is the people you will meet and life time friendships you will develop.

Tow pilots and plane

We got tow. Gary Bussell and Ian Noble

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