Wood Crafters 2002 Photo Album

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Tony Beeman offered Wood Crafter T-Shirts and the concession stand.

Gregg Prater had one of the largest and oldest planes. He is holding Scott Prindle's Big Red. It dates back to the early 80's and has passed through several owners. Gregg got it from Mike Remus who was trying for his LSF Level V goal and return with it.

Rich LaGrange had his 2M Lil Bird in action.

Ray Holzheuer
A real Gentleman

This photo was taken after the close on Sunday and regretfully only part of the group is in the photo.

This is Gordon's Olympic 99 the forerunner of the Oly ll design by Lee Renaud. It may very well have been the oldest plane flying at WC, it is silk and dope covered.
Built by Tom McCoy.

Gordon has offered it to the AMA museum where it lays on a shelf getting a dose of hanger rash due to remodeling of the museum. Gordon requested it should be displayed in the Lee Renaud Library.

Gordon and OC struck up an instant friendship as you can see that I hope will last for many years. They don’t come any better than these two guys.

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