Wood Crafters 2002 Photo Album

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John Walter and his son Jeffery, building on some great memories and good times together. This is a great hobby for Dad;s and their kids. I look forward to seeing them again at WC 2003. Jeffery and his Dad shared a frequency. Team entries will likely expand and freq. control is up to the team.

Jeffery Walter

Eric Podzielinski and his son Brandon. Eric flew this Osprey 20 years ago. Eric and I flew together all over the country, W.Va., to CA., attending sailplane contests until his marriage, you know the rest of the story. Actually, his interest went to full size planes and he became an expert at restoring them. His projects were an Ercoupe, J-3, Tri Pacer and he lives for the fly in at Osh Kosh, WS.

Doug Adams, Norm Roessing, Bill Suter.
Making new friendships in the winch line.

Any question which direction the winches are located?
Two winches were used and Hi Starts.

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