Wood Crafters 2002 Photo Album

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Paul Siegel, OC Stewart, Doug Adams, Ray Hayes, Mark Miller, Harry Roe

The group that competed with HL planes launched by Sky Bench Mini Hi Starts in Paul's "Three Strikes and Your Out" event. Groups of two to four pilots launched together and if you got beat three times you became a spectator, the guys loved it and are looking forward to the next time. Get that old wood HL ready for WC 2003 by putting a tow hook in the bottom of the fuse under the Cg and join in the fun.

OC Stewart, retired college professor, moved to Muncie just to be near the AMA flying field to fly his free flight models. He is an expert free flighter and loves FF contests. Well, Reggie Sewell and Tony Beeman of Muncie got OC flying rc and of coarse, OC thinks all models should be covered in tissue and dope which explains the look on his Skeeter. OC has become very proficient with a Mini Hi Start and although he didn't win Paul's event, he was close.
I over heard OC telling Paul to be back next year.

MHS Launching HL size planes is a great way to keep everyone flying HL and I have had a long history of promoting soaring with the MHS. The Dayton, OH club is also promoting the use of small Hi Starts in their club programs. During the 1995 LSF Tournament held at the AMA flying field, LSF president Mike Stump, allowed me to put on a MHS competition that was well received by the hard core contest people. I ran a three year long series of man on man group launching by MHS in Michigan from which a TV video was developed and played on Public TV. This brought in new recruits and I will be glad to talk to anyone interested in doing this in your local area.
Contact Ray Hayes skybenchone@gmail.com

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