The Sky Bird will absolutely delight you, both in the ease of construction and it's superb flying performance. After many test flights in various weather conditions the Sky Bird is an absolute winner.  We suggest using a five cell Rx battery because you are going to be up a long time!  A novice pilot will be able to have very long flights and land it easily. This is a gentle flying big RES sailplane that is very responsive to rudder without dropping a wing tip. You can horse it around like it is a hand launch to stay in the smallest thermal and you will marvel at the extremely flat glide that will allow you to cover large areas looking for lift.

The Sky Bench Bird Series kits have a very good reputation in flight performance and kit quality, all hardware is included, if you want something extra special to build and fly then one of the Bird Series kits will work for you.   E-Powered Notice: The rear wing rod is not used if you install an Electric Motor. Kit is $10.00 less if shipped without rear wing rod and brass tubes.
Wing Span: 132", Wing Area: 1340, Airfoil: S3014 
RES version. Wing loading: 8 oz. per sq. ft., Weight: 70 oz.

This kit is not yet available.  But will be re-released soon.   If you wish to be on our contact list, please go to the "Contact" page  and send us a message.  No obligation to purchase. We will email  you when the kits become available.  

SKY BIRD Kit - $240.00 plus shipping


  1. TJ's Sky Bird
    A beautifully built and covered Sky Bench Sky Bird. TJ Rohyans enjoyed the build and sent us some great photos of his completed Sky Bird.
  2. Scott's Sky Bird
    "I built the Sky Bird first as a pure sailplane, but decided quickly that I would wanted to fly it a lot so I decided to add the motor. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to shape the nose to fit the spinner better. The power is: Great planes Ammo 28-45-3600 motor and matching planetary gearbox, an 80amp Hobbyking ESC, a 14x8 folding prop, and a 3 cell 2200mah lipo battery. Performance is spectacular with this setup and it balances with no added weight. If anyone has questions about this setup I'd be happy to visit with them. Thanks again for a great airplane and if you ever find yourself near central Nebraska, let me know, I'd love to buy you lunch." - Scott Sarnes
  3. Ronald's Sky Bird
    "Flying is great here in Oregon, really cold today but you asked me last fall about my skybird and I thought I would send a few photos of the gliderdrive motor. The one in the skybird is a 3558-4.6 840 kv and is 830 watts @ 45 amps, 60 amp controller, It will speck out in about 20 seconds with a 16x8 carbon fiber prop and I run a 3s 1300 Aspeck 45/90 battery. I am going to run a little different motor in the olympic 3 you are sending me, it will have a sk3 3542-1250 755 watts @54 amps, 60 amp controller with a carbonfiber 15x8 prop. My oly 2 has a sk3 3536 -1200 505 watts @ 45 amps also with 1300 aspeck battery, and 40 amp controller and 12x8 carbonfiber prop. Also notice the rubber band holds the prop in after throttle shut down. Best wishes, Ronald Folck"
  4. Roman's Sky Bird
    Roman's Sky Bird ready for it's maiden flight. Beautiful!
  5. Weak Signals Club Sky Birds
    "Ray, This is a picture from the fall of last year of Skybirds built by Weak Signal members. Thought you might like it for the WEB site. The owners are: Black/Red Skybird belongs to Paul Fillmore, Orange/White Skybird belongs to Dale Rupert, White/Yellow Skybird belongs to Tom Como, Red/Yellow Skybird belongs to Ron Kuyoth, Yellow/Purple Skybird belongs to Ric Lane, and White/Blue Skybird belongs to Bill Pandi. In the background is Dave Leach talking over thermal strageties with Dick Peebles. Thanks again for designing a fine sailplane. Tom Como"
  6. Morris' Sky Bird
    "Hi Ray, Finished the Sky Bird last Monday and took it out for it's maiden flights today. We had 5-8mph winds from the North and clearing skies with the temps in the high 50's. We gave her a hand toss and it needed no adjustments. Put it on the winch and it went up almost hands off. Decided to adjust CG a little and added another ounce of lead in the nose. Ended up taking half of that out. Total added weight is 9 oz and that makes the over all weight 72-73 ounces with both wing rods. This SB has 90 degree flaps, bottom hinged, (used two Airtronics 141's servos)that will act as ailerons when the proper switch is activated. That works well but really used as a back up to the rudder which does and excellent job on it's own. I have down elevator mixed with the flaps and that really makes for a controlled landing. Out of 7-8 flight I was able to land it in front of me most of the time. No skegs on this one. Touch downs are usually slow enough not to need them. A couple pictures are attached. Thanks for a great design. Morris PS We had plenty of thermals this morning!!!"
  7. Doug's Sky Bird
    Doug Pike and his Sky Bird! 4th Place RES, AMA NATS, 09 Doug placed 9th with his Sky Bird RES AMA NATS 2010 Top placing Woody
  8. Joe's Sky Bird
    Joe Welch and his Sky Bird in beautiful Texas.
  9. Corky's Sky Bird
    "Ray, here is a picture of me with the 2m Little Bird and Skybird. Both were completed this winter. I built the LB first and found this to be very beneficial prior to the Skybird project. I have always wanted to build a large sailplane with flaps and spoilers. The Skybird has flaperons and spoilers which you can see in the picture. I installed a DX7 Radio. I limit the aileron movement and mix in the rudder. With the flip of a switch the flaps are coupled with the spoilers or they have 3 positions via the flap switch. I had a very successful day yesterday flying the LB for the first time. I am thrilled with the way the LB flies. Its very light, has a wide speed range, and turns nice and tight. I hand tossed the Skybird a couple of times and hope to fly it this week. Corky"
  10. Carlin's Sky Bird
    In Sweden! After a long time in the workshop are my Sky Bird finally in the air. I took some extra time to finilize this bird as I would like to try out a new covering method. My Sky Bird is covered with Sig Koverall and doped with water based PU-lacquer and painted with water based paint. This allowed me to make all the work in house. I normally has to be outside when working with dope due to the odor of the solvents. This Sky Bird is also equipped with flaps instead of spoilers. I more or less used the trailing edge as flap and just installed an extra spar to hinge it on. I'm not sure it flaps are improving the descend rate, but they definitely makes the glider more stable on final and a also deploy them 3-4mm down during first stage in the high-start.Best Regards -Carlin, Sweden
  11. Poh's Sky Bird
    "If you were not flying today, you missed an epic event. Poh Khaw flew his new Skybird (Kit from Skybench) It is a beautiful plane and it flies very well. The very first flight, it spec'ed out and it was not even trimmed. He spent the next 90 minutes flying and trimming. At the end of the session, you could see every bump the plane hit. It responds very well to conditions and is easy to read. A beautiful plane that flies well and looks very gentle. Lands well with and without the use of spoilers. Well done Poh!" - Harold Jackson
  12. Fritz's Sky Bird
    "Success! I'm not even close to an expert builder, but I just had to have a Sky Bird. There were a few stumbles along the way - things are not perfectly straight and I was afraid it would be too heavy. In spite of that, this thing flew exactly as you and all your other testimonials described, WHAT A BLAST! Flies fast or slow and thermals like crazy - better than anything I have flown. Thank you, I couldn't be happier! Photo attached... Fritz"