1. Sky Bench NATS Hats - $20.00
    Sky Bench NATS Hats - $20.00
  2. Sky Bench Mini Hi Start - $39.95
    Sky Bench Mini Hi Start - $39.95
Hat price includes shipping.  These are the Sky Bench hats created for the 2019 NATS. They have been very popular and we appreciate you wearing them! The embroidery is first class and the hat is top quality. $20.00 includes shipping in the United States. We will ship internationally with actual shipping cost added.
​Mini Hi Start coming soon - The leader in launching 1.5M hand launch and light weight 2M size sailplanes!  1/4" OD x 25' black rubber yields a total hi start length of 200'.  This Hi Start will also launch Sky Bench's 2M Lil Bird.  Kit shown:  $39.95