Sky Bench is your source for the original Olympic II design from Lee Renaud.  The Olympic II is arguably the most recognizable and popular RC sailplane of all time.  The Olympic design was kitted by Airtronics for many years.  It sparked many to get into the fun hobby of RC soaring.  Even today, the "Oly" is still flown successfully in RES and Nostalgia competitions all over the word.  It is a 100-inch high performance R/C standard class winner.  It is easy to build, beautiful to look at and goes up in the lightest of lift.

The kit was originally designed to build fast and it still does.  Sky Bench has improved on the design with laser cut parts for precision construction and internal construction improvments to add strength.  We now include a one piece laser cut balsa fin that saves building time and makes a stronger tail section to better withstand a flip over landing.  You can still make a built up fin if you prefer of course.  Both the stab and rudder also have laser cut parts to save building time and create more accurate and stronger flying surfaces. The fuse top and bottom are now laser cut and this will also save building time.  The fuselage has additional internal doublers to strength it for many years of use.

The wing leading edges are pre shaped and require minimal sanding, spoilers are optional, but installation is shown on the construction plan. All hardware to complete the model is furnished except the adhesives and covering materials. The 5/16" super strong wing rod joins the two wing halves and is a competition level design.  Separate full-size plans are furnished and the building instructions have been updated and include photos to help you with building.  

Olympic II Kit - $175.00 plus shipping

Background photo by Perry Bell Photography

  1. Scott's Olympic II
    I built mine to look just the way Airtronics showed it on the cover of their box and advertising. Transparent Monokote covering.
  2. Oly II Kit Review - Flying Models Magazine
    Sky Bench Olympic ll kit review published in Flying Models magazine December 2004 issue.
  3. The real deal.
    Lee Renaud must have known he designed a great sailplane. But do you think he ever dreamed it would be the most well known of all?
  4. Ray Hayes and his Olympic II thermal sailplane.
    Ray took the Olympic II design and made a few improvements to make it stronger and lighter. He was proud of his Oly as many have been. It is the quintessential RC sailplane.
  5. Dave's Olympic II
    Dave Garwood's photo for his OLY ll kit review published in Flying Models magazine December 2004 issue.
  6. Olympic II is re-released!
    We are shipping Olympic II kits. Lee Renaud's classic design. We plan to stock these kits, but currently, demand exceeds supply. So, for now, let us know if you want to be on the contact list.
  7. Updated Building Instructions!
    We have a new instruction booklet that reflects many years of wisdom starting with Lee Renaud at Airtronics to Ray Hayes then on to present day.
  8. Lee Renaud's original drawings
    We worked from Lee's actual drawings to insure that the Olympic II you receive matches his intent and engineering.
  9. A full box!
    The Olympic II is faithful to the original Airtronics version but includes beautiful laser cut parts, stronger wing spar and rod, full size plans and more inside!
  10. Dave's Olympic II
    "Hello Ray My new Oly ready to take to the sky over the Thousand Oaks Soaring Society's new site at Sapwi Trails park. Went up straight and true off the bench. I built and flew my first Oly 35 plus years ago. Thanks for putting together such a nice kit. I'm now scratching a Pierce Arrow and looking forward to purchasing a Paragon when available. Hope to hear from you soon. Flat bottoms rule! -David"
  11. Joe's Olympic II
    "I finished the Oly 2e by early spring but only flew it a couple days ago. My goal was to have a 7 oz / sf electric glider and it came in at 7.2 oz. Boy am I happy, floats like an Oly should. This was my first electric and I didn't feel a need for it to go up vertical and tried to keep the watts lower but it still seems overpowered, applying power the nose comes up and it climbs like crazy. The D35/36/9 motor and 30 amp ESC are mounted in a fiberglass cowl screwed to a modified bulkhead with 3 nylon screws. This was done to provide a more streamlined profile and also easy motor replacement. The low weight still carries 2 batteries-11002S10C Rx and 1300.3S.25 motor battery. Other changes were rudder area was increased by a triangular trailing edge and a CF wing joiner replaced the steel which reduced the wing loading by .2 oz / sf. I probably spent as much time building the fiberglass cowl as I did the rest of the plane. Your kit parts were so perfect in the way it fit together, it amazed me. I know I'm going to love this glider. Thank you for the superb work, Joe Vano"
  12. Joe's Olympic II electric
    Close up of the business end of the electrified Olympic II built by Joe Vano.
  13. Steve's Olympic II
    "Thanks Ray, OLY ll makes its first flight, Your advice was sage. I got so pumped building this, that next year I'll be looking around to build another." - Steve Bacon
  14. Ron's Olympic II
    "This was my second build after the Gentle Lady. The OLY II had its test flight this weekend and did great. 16 minutes off the winch with very little lift. Looking forward to building the Big Bird." - Ron
  15. 14 year old winner - Olympic II
    A 14 year old young man won the Lansing event with his Olympic II~
  16. Sky Bench - Olympic II
    Laser cut fuse parts. Snap lock parts totally reduces building time and the newly designed parts increase the fuse strength tremendously. Note the servo/switch tray and 1/64 plywood doublers, Lee Renaud would be proud of this kit.
  17. Tail feathers - Olympic II
    The stab tips and leading edge center splice part, elevators with control horn mounting holes, rudder top and bottom and fin are all laser cut for fast building time.
  18. Bill's Olympic II
    "Thanks for a great kit. This is the equipment I installed: Motor - Turnigy C3530-1400, 10 X 6 folding prop, ESC - Turnigy plush 40A, 2200 mAh 3 cell battery, Dubro spinner" - Bill Shepard
  19. Dave's Olympic II
    Dave Garwood's photo's for his OLY ll kit review published in Flying Models magazine December 2004 issue.
  20. Dave's Olympic II
    Dave Garwood's photo's for his OLY ll kit review published in Flying Models magazine December 2004 issue.
  21. Built up Fin - Olympic II
    We provide a solid balsa laser cut fin, but if you prefer to build up the fin as was done on the original Lee Renaud design, we show that fin on the plans as well. If you are using transparent covering, this may be what you want to do.