Ray Hayes designed the OLY III based upon proven of the parameters of the original Olympic II.  You'll see some "Oly heritage" in the OLY III, but it stands on its own as an amazing thermal sailplane.  Those who have build it, love it as you can see in the photos below.

Features of the OLY II include its super strong D-Tube wing construction.  The wings mount to the fuselage side with the wing rod passing through the fuselage.  The wing span is 132" and the OLY III uses the amazing S 3014 airfoil.  With a wing area of 1066 SQ IN, and a projected flying weight of 59 ounces, a wing loading of 8 oz. per sq. ft. is achieved.  

This kit is not yet available.  But will be re-released soon.   If you wish to be on our contact list, please go to the "Contact" page  and send us a message.  No obligation to purchase. We will email  you when the kits become available.  

OLY III Kit - $230.00 plus shipping


  1. Perry's OLY III
    "Good evening Ray, I finally completed my OLY III that I purchased from You/Sky Bench, over a year ago. I'm waiting for a calm day to do the Maiden flight. I Love it and your Kit was Fantastic! Thank you for such a wonderful kit. Feel free to use the photos below in any manner your would like if you choose." -Perry Bell
  2. Ray's OLY III
    "Hello Ray, Well, this novice completed building the Oly III, on 8/20/2014, with your help and advice. I successfully flew it 10 times, and from the very first flight, 2 days ago, to the 10th flight this morning, it has flown spectacularly. STRAIGHT & LEVEL, FOREVER. I took my time to prevent any warp in the wings and fuse. I very carefully aligned the stab and rudder; and ensured that wings were balance, and that the c.g. was right-on. Following your instructions to the letter, culminated in a fantastic 1st flight and an electric sail plane which will provide many hours of flight fun and enjoyment. Please see the attached. Thank You, Ray"
  3. Jon's OLY III
    "Hi Ray, Hope this finds you well, here is a picture of my daughter Haley and my Olympic III. I lengthened and widened the nose for electric power, the firewall and extension are glassed in as the nose is pretty thin up front. The motor is a Neumotor 1107 2Y driving a 6.7 to 1 gear box that spins the 16x10 prop. The Esc and bec is Hitec as is the receiver. the battery is a 3 cell 2200 milliamperes lipo. I think I did the nose justice, I was reluctant to hack up your design too much. The only other modification was adding carbon fiber to the spars. She weighs in at 68.35 oz with the battery and ready to fly, for about 9.2 oz a square foot. and aside from the not so great covering job I'm very pleased with her. So far I have had 3 fling sessions. The first two in fairly windy conditions 15 to 20 mph and I was able to get a few good flights in and stay up for 15 to 25 minutes at a time working spotty lift and some slope lift off a tree line. She doesn't mind the wind much at all and penetrates well unballasted. This past Saturday I had my best day. Your design had me smiling from ear to ear. I felt like I was cheating. The wind was out of the south at 5 to 10 mph about 90 degrees for temp and scattered clouds. I setup just north and east of a big soccer tournament, lots of parked cars and the lift was booming I had 4 flights the first three were up to about 500 feet on the motor and the fairly quickly up to my visual range limit and the back down with the spoilers. All three of those flights were 20 minutes plus and I could have stayed up much longer. The last flight was 45 minutes plus and I went up and down 3 times to my visual limit. What a blast, I'm about to charge the lipos up and see if I can do as well today without all those parked cars. I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the plane, what a great design. The build was great and the end result was more than worth the effort. I currently have the little bird on the bench and am working on that. After I finish her up I'll have to decide if it's the skybird or the 970. It has been almost twenty years since I have flown sailplanes and I have many fond memories flying with my dad. Passing the transmitter back and forth and trying to beat each other's longest flight on a much used Mirage. After The kids were grown and doing their own things I bought a new radio and a Arf glider that got top reviews. What a disappointment. I almost hung it up right there. I'm glad I found your website and ordered a kit. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jon Midgley"
  4. Ann's OLY III
    "Hi Ray! I had a 36+ minute flight today with the Oly III!! Love this sailplane. I could have stayed up longer, but my neck was aching. Going to have to exercise those muscles if I want to keep flying this plane. :-) Ann"
  5. Roman's OLY III
    "OLY lll took 2nd place in Woodie Class at last years Visalia CVRC event. Built by: Roman Lopatynski (pic) Flown by: Jeff Bates"
  6. Craig's OLY III
    "Hello Ray, just a note to show you the completed Oly III with flaps. She's ready to fly and balanced right on the spar. All up weight is 61oz. I hope to maiden as soon as the NW weather allows. Best regards. -Craig"
  7. Don's OLY III
    "Hi Ray, Here's a photo of my newly finished Olympic III, I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I must say that I was a bit intimidated beings this was my first build but when I got the kit, I knew I could do it. All the components were cut to perfection and fit like a glove and was very easy to visualize with the detail in the drawing. This has been one of the best experiences in my life thanks to you and the guys on RCG. Best Regards, Don"
  8. Ed's OLY III
    Ed Abner launching his OLY III
  9. Electrified OLY III
    We don't have this gentleman's name, but he did a beautiful job on his OLY III and electrifying it.
  10. Geoff's OLY III
    Still in the "bones" stage, but many people love to see this structure!
  11. Steve's OLY III
    Steve, from Australia with his beautiful OLY lll!
  12. Jones' OLY III
    We don't have much information on this OLY III. But its worth showing off!
  13. Ed's OLY III
    Ed Haage's outstanding OLY III
  14. Bill's OLY III
    "Hi Ray, I just composed a long letter, the gist of which was to order a new Oly III. My first one bit the dust today from some sort of launching mishap...I tried to use both hands and managed to get something spoiled in the radio antenna in the process. Earlier in the day she'd specked out, actually faded out in some relatively low marine layer left over from the morning, and it was the "one last flight" that did it. I have truly enjoyed this plane and used her to capture my first trophy, first place in "Sportsman" at Torrey Pines Gulls! The dark blue and flaming orange colors light up the southern California skies, but today she spiraled into the ground in a shallow brush pile under a huge Sycamore that took care of the wings. You should know, the design and build was very strong as she really ripped through some upper branches before meeting her demise. I am eager to get going on a replacement. Yes, I'll try to learn from this, but really am not skilled enough to rebuild the whole thing...fuse broke in two in front of the wing on impact, the empennage broke, though not badly, in front of the stab. and the wings tore out both joiner boxes. My nose canopy and "lid" are the only entire pieces left!"
  15. Terry's OLY III
    Terry Forbes outstanding OLY III on display. Great colors.
  16. Bob's OLY III
    Bob Legue's OLY III on display!
  17. Randy's OLY III
    "My Oly III flew for the first time today. My complements on the design and the kit, this is a very elegant sailplane at a very reasonable cost. I am attaching a low res photo, and looking forward to the release of your WF-XL kit." -Randy Smith
  18. Sean's OLY III
    "Thank you Ray for providing such an outstanding kit. Wood selection is superb, fit of all parts is amazing. Plans and instructions are accurate and thorough. I have never had more fun building a sailplane in my life! Everyone that has seen the kit was equally impressed and I count some top-notch builders in that group. I can't wait to build some of your other offerings. So many fine choices, so little time. Sean Brown"
  19. Kevin's OLY III
    "Hello all.....I wanted to report that I have yet to have a maiden flight of the Oly III since I was in the hospital for 24 days back in January. I had an above the knee amputation of my right leg. Everything is going well though as next Friday I should stat the fitting of my first prosthesis. The minute I'm able to drive and get some nice weather, I will be at the field with the hi-start laid out and let this big bird find some rising air! I appreciate everyone's input during the build and I will post final all up pics in the next few weeks. I'll get pics and video during the maiden as I have another glider guider that is chomping at the bit to see this bird fly. I'll see you later. Kevin O'Dell"
  20. Dave's OLY III
    "Just maidened this today. Now I have a reason to attend this event After building this electric converted Oly III off and on for about a year or more, I finally got it finished and flown today. It was my third Skybench build. Flew great...no issues other than messing with CG, throws, and launch and spoiler mixing. I've owned a bunch of sailplanes over the years, and I gotta say, the Oly III flies really nice! Power is a Neu 1110 motor geared 6.7:1 on a 3S 1300mah pack with a 38mm spinner and 16X10 prop. "Spirited performance" is a good way to describe it The main building challenge was the nose, but by using an 8 sided firewall with triangle stock, blocks and a bunch or sanding, it all worked out. Thanks Ray for such nice kits for the builders out there! Dave Dahl"