A History of the beginning of RC Soaring

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Kit box fo Astro Flight's ASW 17

Astro Flight's ASW 17 kit, became available in the late 60's. Beautiful white fiberglass gelcoat fuse with built up wings and sheet balsa stock for tail feathers.

Kit box fo Astro Flight's AS-W15

Lil-T in box (36858 bytes)

Lil - T kit by Midwest. This was a single channel, rudder only, very early sailplane design. Hate to deflate anyone's balloon, but how many of you guys would like to try and fly this one today? Set the angle of attack wrong or mess up the CG location and you are in big trouble. I watched someone in a Chicago contest max out with one of these many years ago.

Two Frank Ziac Designs

Now we are really getting Nostalgic, thought some of you might enjoy this photo. Designs are by Frank Ziac.

Frank Wren and his Windfree

Frank Wren and his Windfree hauled in a lot of trophies, here he is bracing against a fierce wind. Frank would load it up with lead and fly with the best of them regardless of wind velocity and usually do very well.

Jerry Kay, Johnny Clemens, Joann Kay and Gordon Pearson

L-R Jerry Kay, Johnny Clemens, Joann Kay and Gordon Pearson (event contest director) all trying hard to get John a max flight. The blue LOFT club shirt Jerry is wearing was well recognized all over the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio contest circuit.

Ray Holzheuer and Joann Kay
Ray Holzhuere hard at work as usual putting on a successful LOFT WEEKEND contest in the good ol'e days. His helper is Joann Kay, both are wearing the famous blue LOFT club shirts.

Scott Prindle launching his Viking
Scott Prindle launching his Viking. Scott was one of the very best builders and designers in the LOFT club back in the seventies and eighties.

Osprey 900 launch
Ray Hayes is timing Scott Prindle in the pic above, This pic was taken on the same day and place of Ray Hayes launching his Osprey 900.
L-R. Buddy Palmer, Ray, unknown visitor, Phil Gieseking, Jerry Kay.


Scrap Book
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