A History of the beginning of RC Soaring

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Dennis Adamisin and his Oly 99
Dennis Adamisn and his Olympic 99 on LOFT field, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, July 2000.

This is what Nostalgia is all about, Dennis got into R/C Sailplanes after the famous CHICAGO SOAR NATS had stopped, did the usual run through the newer sailplanes including expensive composites and now has a big smile when flying his beautiful OLYMPIC 99. Dennis says the older design wood sailplanes fit his style of flying, relaxing and definitely an opportunity to express his personal finishing touch. For many R/C Sailplane enthusiasts, the combination of building their own sailplane and then seeing it fly is twice the reward and satisfaction of just buying a look a like composit sailplane and flying it out of the box.


W.I.N.G.S. participants

W.I.N.G.S. (Women In National Glider Soaring) club. Photo taken at 1975 Chicago SOAR NATS.  204 contestants competed, 21 were JR-SR, and we did not have dual entry.

Back Row: Jean Nolte, Barb Robinson, Lila Stamm, Barb Hook, Susie Lipp, Barb Henon
Front Tow: Margaret Gill, Gwen Collins, Helen Olson, Bonnie Baxter

(Thanks to Barb Robinson for the names)

Jim Deck and his Shuttle

Jim Deck sent this photo of his Shuttle. Produced in the seventies by Cecil Haga of Legionnaire fame.


Tom Kelly and his Big Windy

Tom Kelly designed his Big Windy and it was a great flyer. Never found a set of plans for it and don't know the airfoil Tom used. Tom was a member of the Lansing club and went to full scale sailplane flying.


Graupner Clou kit




Scrap Book
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