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The leader in launching 1.5M hand launch and light weight 2M size sailplanes!

1/4 OD x 25' black rubber total hi start length is 200'

This Hi Start will also launch Sky Bench's 2M Lil Bird.

Kit .. $39.95

TV video - Ray's Great Lakes League

Suggestion, get a buddy or two or three, the more the merrier and put everyone on a Mini Hi Start and launch as a group. You can fly all up last down or predetermined task times, but what every you do, I guarantee you will have a ball if you fly with your buddies from a Sky Bench Mini Hi Start.

We did this at the Wood Crafters Soar In Reunion and it is very popular. We call it F 1.5 J, Man on Man group launching of hand launch size sailplanes.

The event is scored simply. We fly for a predetermined task time in groups of three or four and fly about six rounds. The winner of the round receives a score of one, second place receives a 2 and etc., the winners of each round fly against the winners of the other rounds, 2nd and third placers do the same. The person with the lowest accumulated score at the end of the six rounds wins, but we usually have ties and a fly off to determine the winner adds to the fun.

The black rubber Sky Bench uses last for years and years, mfg. is hand laid on a mandrel, not the cheap, short lasting, extruded rubber. Tow Line is braided for easy use and durability and our reel is compact for easy transport.

Sky Bench Mini Hi Start Instructions: .. June 2015

The Mini Hi Start has been changed to a larger diameter rubber with a thicker wall to produce a stronger launch requiring fewer steps to reach the launch tension. The added benefit is the new Mini Hi Start will also launch larger sailplanes.

I tested the new Mini Hi Start in no wind conditions and the following are my recommendations. A lesser number of steps will probably be required in wind conditions, but it depends on how strong you want the launch. Experiment with different tow hook location and stab settings. Generally, the tow hook should be located on or just in front of the balance point of your sailplane.

1.5M hand launch size ...

Approximate number of steps ... Ranges from 15 to 30.

Definitely launch the plane by throwing it up at a good speed and angle to create instant proper flight speed. This method conserves the stretch in the rubber and creates a much higher and safer launch. Just letting go of the plane with it pointed level is inviting a disaster.

Sky Bench 2M Lil Bird ..

In no wind conditions, launches with 30 to 40 steps. Don't be afraid to really stretch the rubber, it is the best.

Install the rubber connectors by wetting the aluminum insert first. The process is not easy, but it will go inside the rubber by pushing and twisting it into the tube. I have not used a plastic zip tie around the rubber over the aluminum insert and have launched the 2M Lil Bird enough to feel confident the insert will stay inside the rubber tube.

The pre bent wire anchor will stay in the ground even when launching the 2M Lil Bird. Attach the rubber to the anchor and tie the pennant directly to the tow line two feet in front of the tow ring.

Keep the rubber stored in the dark when not in use for longer life.
Enjoy ...

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