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Hello Glider Guiders!

Sky Bench Aerotech was located in Fort Wayne, Indiana for many years.  Sky Bench was created by Ray Hayes.  Ray was a RC sailplane enthusiast, designer and promoter of all things RC sailplane.  Over the decades Ray sought out and purchased copyrights of many iconic RC sailplane designs.  He also designed several sailplanes himself that have become mainstays in the hobby.  Sky Bench kits have been known for their quality and as excellent thermal soaring designs.  Each kit typically includes laser-cut parts, high quality balsa, plywood materials, plans, manuals and other specific items to complete the sailplane.  Because of the Internet, Sky Bench now ships worldwide and has developed a strong reputation and large customer base in other countries.  In the USA, Ray also ran the annual "Woodcrafters" sailplane event at the
AMA International Modeling Center in Muncie, Indiana and was a long-time member of the L.O.F.T. sailplane club based in Fort Wayne.

Ray and I had been talked about me "someday" purchasing Sky Bench as a business for myself.  Ray liked the idea but wasn't ready to move forward on that transition for at least a couple more years.  Sadly Ray passed away in the winter of 2019.  Before he passed, he told his family to contact me because he hoped I would still be interested in purchasing Sky Bench even if it was sooner than we had discussed.  Of course I was interested and honored to have the opportunity. 

Sky Bench is a big fish in a really small pond.  But, it has been a successful business and will be a great fit for me going forward.  I'm a life long RC modeler starting in high school (Carl Goldberg Falcon 56 + EK Logictrol radio).  I was a professional architectural model builder for several years and professional board draftsman/drafting supervisor for nearly a decade.  Since that time, I've been in the architectural/construction world helping to bring new buildings and other development projects to life.  I'm also very familiar with laser cutting as my father, Jack, has been in the laser business for about 10 years himself.  He had done some work for Ray.  

The Hayes family helped me every step of the way in this process even though they were dealing with his loss.  It has been hard for them, but they want to see Sky Bench and Ray's legacy continue.  Many of Ray's long-time flying buddies also helped during the transition along with many of my own RC buddies and family.  I couldn't have asked for a more friendly situation and nicer people to deal with.  Thank you to all of you.

We have now moved the inventory, tooling and associated Sky Bench items from Fort Wayne to Brownsburg, Indiana.  10 truckloads of RC sailplane heritage and goodies!  There is a lot inventory, but also we are finding some true historical treasures.  

We are excited and looking forward to getting Sky Bench "back in the air" again!

Scott Black
Sky Bench Aerotech
PO Box 13
Brownsburg, IN 46112


L.O.F.T. (League of Flight by
Thermal) was Ray Hayes' home
club.  L.O.F.T. is still active in the
Fort Wayne, Indiana area.  Learn
more by clicking the logo below:

Flying buddies.  Ray Holzheuer, Ray Hayes & Jack Smith.

Scott Black in 1980 with a brand new CG Gentle Lady.